Sam Kupec Honor Flight

Mail Call

In the service, Mail Call was a highlight of the soldiers' day. So, too, our Mail Call was a highlight of the Honor Flight day.

Sam's family and friends sent their letters to Leah, who forwarded them to the Honor Flight office. Mail Call came as a surprise to the veterans during the flight back to Milwaukee.

While there's not nearly enough room to include the entire outpouring of good wishes in these letters to Sam, here are some excerpts.

"You're probably wondering what all the fuss is about today. I bet you're thinking 'I just did what I had to do.' But that's what you've always done. By quietly doing what was right, you have become a great example on how one should live their life. Thank you for your service and your example."

"You performed a proud and honorable duty and sacrificed in a way that few in this present generation can understand or appreciate. Well, I appreciate the work you did and the sacrifices you made to serve your country. If not for men and women willing to serve, this world would be a far different place than it is now."

"I want to thank you for what you and your colleagues did to save our nation and to ensure the safe, prosperous future we all enjoy today. God bless you, and thank you for the special gifts you've given all of us."

"Sam Kupec...never complaining about the past, always thinking of the future and ways to make life better. Busy with plans, ideas, schemes and jokes. A man who made sure his children enjoyed the childhood and educational opportunities he never dreamed of....Building a garage that doubled as a clubhouse that doubled as a money maker, on top of his and Millie's teaching career...and a broken leg suffered in service to his country."

"We are proud of your service, and we say thank you with all our hearts."

"Thank you, Sam, for serving your country and for the sacrifices you endured as a soldier."

"Thank you for standing in our defense at a time when our personal freedom, our very way of life was in serious jeopardy. Because of sacrifices by you and your Armed Forces colleagues, our country remains strong and free."

"We love you, and thanks again for giving of yourself for our freedom today."

"We admire you for your strong faith in God, joy of life, kindness, love for others and, of course, your wonderful sense of humor."

"You have done so much in your life, and now you can add this special Honor Flight to your list."

"We truly appreciate what you did for us and our country. We love you!"

"Thanks for your kindness, gentleness, and wonderful sense of humor."

"Thank you for the service you gave to our country and the protection you helped provide so that we all are able to live in a free country."

"I want to offer thanks for your service during WWII and for the life you provided to your family afterward. Enjoy this honor today."

"I'm proud to commend you for your service to your country and happy to hear you'll be going to Washington, D.C."

"Enjoy your trip, and I hope you get to see some of your old buddies."